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What's an Appraisal

When you need to know the true value of a property, you need an expert. Find out about the appraisal process.

Welcome to our home page. An appraisal is an unbiased value of what a buyer might expect to pay or a seller receive for a parcel of real estate where both parties, buyer and seller, are informed.  A professional, objective appraiser is trained, educated and has the experience to analyze your home, comparable homes that have sold in the area recently, adjust for time on the market, physical features, living area, dozens of other factors reported in a professional, reliable opinion of value.

What could you do with a professional appraisal report?  If you are a buyer, you may determine if the asking price of a property where your offer has been accepted is reasonable or if you are a seller, you may determine if the asking price that will minimize your home’s time on the market without selling yourself short.  An appraisal report is tremendous leverage in price negotiations.  Your prospective buyer won’t have an appraisal of the house when they make an offer — but you’ll be able to tell them it’s too low (if it is), and use your appraisal report as leverage.

Other reasons you may wish to get an appraisal may be prior to placing your home into a trust, asset division, a partial taking of land due to a lot line change and/or to manage investment risk.  If you deserve a consultation during the planning stages of your remodel or new construction, an appraiser who specializes in analysis for marketability is able to add to your concepts for plan design, assess the highest and best use of your property while analyzing the impact of neighboring improvements and changing market conditions relative to your specific property.  

We are a leading provider of real estate valuations for home owners, cash buyers, private investors, attorneys, accountants, insurance industry participants and the mortgage lending marketplace. With over twenty years of experience in the business, we have a proven track record of current trend valuations, retrospective valuations and prospective valuations within the appraisal industry for Summit County, Utah and Wasatch County, Utah.  Our specialties include:

  • Prelisting valuations for complex properties or volatile market conditions
  • Exterior measurements of real property improvements
  • Consultation with homeowners prior to a rennovation
  • Risk Management 
  • IRS (ie. immigration, date of donation, trust)
  • Bail bond
  • Property tax assessment appeal
  • Dissolution of marriage (ie. retrospective, separation date, property acquisition date, date of death)
  • Litigation / Expert Witness 
  • Estate trust, estate tax, donation, date of death
  • REO/Foreclosure 
  • Partial Interest
  • Bankruptcy
  • Retrospective Valuations 
  • Real Property Asset Division 
  • Primary and Secondary Purchase Mortgages
  • Mortgage purchase, refinancing, jumbo/super jumbo, cash, FHA, USDA, conventional
  • Note Purchase
  • New Construction
  • Private Mortgage Insurance Removal
  • Appraisal Review
  • Owner special purpose valuations 


  • We understand what it takes to provide a quality appraisal and recognize common appraisal deficiencies.  You may rely on us as we provide professional, objective and ethical appraisals to our clients.

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